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Cats are always very demanding on their diet, but this is not their primacy, this is a biological need. The cat is a carnivore that requires a meaty diet. Their diet should always be high in protein. However, it doesn't matter to them how nutritious your food is, if it doesn't make them smell and taste good, the cat won't eat it. Therefore, in our diet, we adapt the taste of recipes that are perfect for the cat to ensure complete enjoyment and nutritional value.

Menu compilation Although we consider cats to be very close human friends, their dietary needs are completely different. Nature has endowed them with an excellent physiological ability to digest and assimilate meat. For the correct and full development of your pet, you need 20% of the protein in the diet. That is why meat protein is the main ingredient in our recipes.

Proper hydration By nature, a cat is less demanding of a large amount of water than a human. Most of the water your cat receives directly from its diet. Therefore, our product contains 78% water, this is exactly the figure that a cat gets from its natural diet in the wild. Our food maintains the natural level of hydration in the pet's body.

Quality control Quality control is carried out carefully because the production also produces canned food for human consumption. Because of this, the requirements for the production line and the hygiene standards are extremely high. We treat the production of food for cats as carefully as we do for the production of food for humans.

The YOOS™ collar

If you are worried about your beloved pet, namely the state of its joints and mobility, then you should pay attention to this product. This is the first and only collar made from essential oils. It helps relieve stiffness and relaxes the formulations.

How it works This collar uses essential oils that are absorbed into the body upon contact with the skin. It has a calming effect on the pet's body.

How long does it take to wear it Most pet owners notice the first positive effects after just a couple of days of using this collar, however, for maximum results, it is recommended to use it within a month. The smell of essential oils will disappear after the third day.

Nupro Natural Pet Supplements

Natural supplement for dogs "Original Gold". This product is the most versatile for all breeds and ages of dogs. This natural supplement was developed by a nutritionist and is based on a set of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other essential elements for a complete dog's diet.

This diet is as close as possible to what a dog would receive in the wild. Therefore, a dog's digestive system will not be stressed when processing this food. The supplement is free of wheat, corn, artificial sugar, and other types of unnatural animal nutrition. Nupro Natural Supplement is formulated to maximize absorption by your dog's body. It looks like a powder, which is ideally digested with the main food.